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New company taking over Austin Landing
Posted Monday, January 4, 2016

By Mark Fisher Staff Writer | MIAMI TWP. —

The Austin Landing development will be under new management starting with the new year tomorrow, Jan. 1.

R.G. Properties and its owner, Randy Gunlock, will turn over the management, development, and leasing of Austin Landing to a newly formed company led by Larry B. Dillin, formerly of Perrysburg, a spokeswoman for R.G. Properties and the newly formed company, VisCap Development, told this news outlet today.

Dillin spearheaded the development of a multi-use center called Levis Commons in Perrysburg a decade ago, and remains its developer.

The Austin Landing multi-use development near Ohio 741 and Austin Boulevard remains owned by Randy Gunlock and a private investment fund, according to a release from Austin Landing. RG Properties had been the developer and manager of Austin Landing since the project’s inception.

“The development at Austin Landing is accelerating, and as the largest individual owner, I’m delighted to now hand the reins to such an experienced and capable developer as Larry Dillin,” Randy Gunlock said in a release.

“As a major investor, it was critical to me that we found a group that shared our vision for the entire village on both sides of Austin Boulevard and one that was committed to accomplishing our goals. I am going to continue my focus on philanthropy and my other real estate investments,” Gunlock said. His brother Bo Gunlock, who has been involved in the business, “is going to move in an independent direction,” Gunlock said.

Larry Dillin said in the release, “Randy and I mutually respect each other’s real estate accomplishments. It’s an honor to be charged with fulfilling his Austin Landing vision. To that end, VisCap will focus upon managing and completing the north side of Austin Blvd and implementing a complementary plan for the south side. Having worked closely with the owners and the RG and the RG Properties development team during the last year, I anticipate a seamless transition for all involved.”

Dillin said in an interview with this news outlet his company will shepherd development planned for 2016, including a new cinema complex, and begin “filling in the last puzzle pieces” with buildings and tenants in the partially completed 167-acre project.

With Austin Landing’s retail, office and residential components in place or coming soon, “We now have a living, breathing community with a 24/7 atmosphere,” Dillin said. “We will make certain that our management program understands that and supports it for tenants and guests.”

Dillin lives in Austin, Texas, but has had an apartment in the Dayton area since September 2014. He said he will be looking for more permanent housing in the Dayton area and anticipates spending the majority of his time here.



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