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New details on space for restaurants at Austin Landing
Posted Monday, April 17, 2017

Nick Blizzard
Staff Writer

11:00 a.m. Monday, April 17, 2017 Local


Nearly 20,000 square feet of restaurant space is planned for the latest building proposal at Austin Landing.

The proposal by VisCap Development calls for 19,567 square feet of restaurant space on the village just north of The Park at Austin Landing, according to Miami Twp. records.

VisCap has declined to identify a prospective tenant or tenants, but plans outline spaces for three users, township records show.

A nearly 10,000 square foot building for what Dillin said would be restaurants and retail outlets was approved by the township last month.



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Austin Landing offers the community an unparalleled collection of restaurants and daily shopping needs. From daily grocery and home good needs to specialty gifts, Austin Landing has put together an exceptional mix of amenities to live, work or just visit Austin Landing. Combining daily shopping needs like grocery and home goods with quality local retail and service providers such as a hair salon and a nail spa with a wide variety of breakfast, lunch and dinner restaurants, perfect for any occasion, budget and appetite. Austin Landing is the “go to” hub for entertainment, shopping and eating in the Cin-Day corridor.