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5 things to know about Austin Landing South, the next proposed development in Montgomery County
Posted Tuesday, August 1, 2017

The developer of Austin Landing South wants to create a “community” in the next step of the successful development located in southern Montgomery County. 

The “community” will be as good as the architecture, buildings, businesses, public spaces, roads and trails connecting it, said Larry Dillin, who heads VisCap Inc., the private company working with the city of Springboro and Warren County Port Authority on the proposed $350 million development planned on 60 vacant acres of Springboro in Montgomery County.

Here are five things to know about the proposed development:

1. A WalMart was once proposed on the 60 acres proposed for Austin Landing South. Even before the interchange was built, the land was some of the last vacant ground within city limits. Springboro leaders were intent on blocking WalMart, which wound up opening a superstore across I-75 on 73 in Franklin.

2. Springboro City Council took a road trip to Perrysburg to meet with the developer. Springboro City Council met in March with developer Larry Dillin during an overnight trip to Perrysburg as part of nearly a year of work on Dillin’s proposed development of Austin Landing South.

3. Austin Landing South is in the Montgomery County part of Springboro. The property is on the extreme northern edge of Springboro, part of whose northern boundary is Austin Boulevard.

4. The Warren County Port Authority is prepared to help Springboro finance up to $35 million for infrastructure. The port authority is preparing to finance as much as $35 million for Springboro to use in “acquiring, constructing, and equipping certain public improvements in connection with the Austin Landing South project.” Earlier this month, the authority board approved a resolution in preparation for the financing, as well as a cooperative agreement with the city to help with the project, located in Montgomery County.

5. Developer Larry Dillin is also expected to be involved in redevelopment of Springboro’s central crossroads. Springboro is expected to hire an architect who works with Dillin to create a plan for redevelopment of the shopping center at the city’s central crossroads, which housed the former Springboro IGA site.



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