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5 traffic tips for navigating Austin Landing this holiday season
Posted Monday, December 4, 2017

Planning a trip to Austin Landing for some holiday shopping or maybe dinner, a movie or other entertainment?

Here are five traffic tips that will make getting to and around the area easier: 

If you’re coming from I-75. When driving east toward Austin Landing, there are two left turn lanes on Austin Boulevard that take you north into the complex. Choose them wisely. Upon turning onto Austin Landing Boulevard, one lane will become a left turn lane and the other a right turn lane at The Park. Choosing the correct lane for your destination with help traffic move smoother.

Turn lanes do not stop at The Park. The two lanes on Austin Landing Boulevard are continuous. For these lanes, there are no stop signs for northbound traffic at Innovation Drive. There are stop signs for east-west traffic at the intersection of Austin Landing Boulevard and Innovation Drive.

Check out a map of Austin Landing before your trip. This will help you become more familiar with the complex and your destinations, helping to alleviate traffic issues. A map of Austin Landing can be found on its website. .

Plan your parking. If you plan to go to multiple sites, if possible park in an area that is centrally located. This will help avoid driving from point to point and cut down on the overall traffic at Austin Landing.



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Austin Landing offers the community an unparalleled collection of restaurants and daily shopping needs. From daily grocery and home good needs to specialty gifts, Austin Landing has put together an exceptional mix of amenities to live, work or just visit Austin Landing. Combining daily shopping needs like grocery and home goods with quality local retail and service providers such as a hair salon and a nail spa with a wide variety of breakfast, lunch and dinner restaurants, perfect for any occasion, budget and appetite. Austin Landing is the “go to” hub for entertainment, shopping and eating in the Cin-Day corridor.