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Hundreds ring in 2018 at Austin Landing’s New Year’s Eve event
Posted Monday, January 1, 2018

MIAMISBURG, Ohio (WDTN) – Every year the Pink Ribbon Girls organization hosts their New Year’s Eve Party with a Purpose outside at the park at Austin landing, but this year it was just too cold so they had to the move the event inside the Hilton Garden Inn at Austin Landing. Despite having to make last minute changes, they still plan on raising thousands of dollars for charity.

Hundreds of people filled the Hilton Garden Inn at Austin Landing, preparing to ring in the New Year for the first time indoors.

“The hotel graciously offered this room which was huge because,” Pink Ribbons Girls CEO Heather Salazar said. “They’ve been booked every New Year’s Eve for the last three years they came together their staff who is on vacation came in to work this event and provide this for us which was just a huge benefit.”

PRG helps women battling Breast cancer by provided meals, rides to treatment and house cleaning for families in need.

“We’re not getting the beer sales and the food sales,” Salazar said. “However we we’re all able to come together or sponsorships and donor still kept their sponsorships so that was great and it’s gonna be a great night everyone safe and war inside and warm we sold out pretty much immediately.”

The organization sold 400 tickets for Sunday night’s event. So far this year, the organization has Shipped more than 80,000 meals, Provided more 1,500 house cleanings, and gave more 2,000 rides to treatment.

Salazar says event wouldn’t be possible without the community’s overwhelming support.

“Dayton has just rallied around us even,” Salazar said. “During this challenge with the weather the whole entire community rallied around us to pull this off last minute with two days notice on New Year’s Eve and we couldn’t do it without our volunteers our donors and our survivors.”

Sunday night’s event took place from 8 p.m. – 12:30 p.m. So far, the organization raised more than $10,000 from Sunday night’s event.



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